First week at new job

by CoCo

This week went by like a whirlwind! I started a new job and had to learn a lot of things really fast. The handover process was one of the best I’ve seen but many aspects of the operation still remains unclear to me. Even though my old and new organizations are practially sisters, I noticed some differences too.

I can tell they have high expectations of me which I suppose isn’t necessarily good or bad. Knowing my competitive tendencies, though, it’ll take some conscious efforts to find work and life balance under pressure to perform.

Anyway, hopefully this really good weather we’ve been having holds up over the weekend so we can spend some family time outdoors. Otherwise, we’ll have to think up something creative to do. We live in one of the best cities in the world so it should be easy!

Here is a snap from my favorite downtown spot near the office, Cheonggyecheon.