Bliss and drama

by CoCo

My plan to go to Heyri on Saturday was postponed. Hubs had some work hanging over his head and Esther was cranky with a runny nose. We ended up walking to McDonald’s for some french fries, nugets and burgers which cheered her up.

On our way back I bought a box of macaroons as a little pick-me-up. Esther took out her toy tea set and the two of us had a lovely afternoon tea session in our living room while Hubs went out to a café to work.

Later a girlfriend came over with a relationship crisis that needed to be talked out over a bowl of soup. Esther was napping by then so I asked my mother-in-law to watch her while we figured out the logistics of recovering her things from her ex. I returned home to find Esther back to her normal self full of energy and we played a quite a bit before going to bed.

It wasn’t the day I had planned, but I love days like this – domestic bliss with a side order of drama.