It’s all about owning it

by CoCo

OK so I was prepared to accept jargons as an inevitable part of joining any professional league. I didn’t particularly look forward to dealing with Latin but then I also accepted this as a fatal part of training for the legal profession. What I didn’t expect was the sheer volume of ordinary words with specific meaning in law. For example, my tutors have on more than one occasion called me out on using what I thought to be innocent words such as “interfere” out of (legal) context. Frustrating.

I suppose using the right words to say what I mean and mean what I say is an essential part of the job. Just like I know I’m not going to develop a legal mind (another elusive professional qualification that I’ve heard so much about) and become a lawyer overnight.  I just hope that I can get through law conversion without feeling like a douche.

Note to self: it’s all about owning it. I recall going through the same thing when I started out in my previous career in a different field. I became more than comfortable in my own skin after five years of living and breathing what became more than just a job. Granted, it was more of a passionate love affair at the end of which I crashed and burned, heartbroken and disillusioned, I hope to have a healthier relationship this time around.